And the saga continues! We still have a huge number of Coronavirus cases spreading across the country, with new strains developing. Will things ever go back to ‘normal’?

Throughout 2021 I continued to host Zoom painting tutorials on behalf of the VC Gallery every week. Some fantastic work was produced by my students throughout the year!

In March 2021, I moved house, which was a bit chaotic, trying to find a man with a van during lockdown, but we managed in the end. The new house needed quite a lot of work doing to it, but it’s slowly coming along.

I now have my own studio, which makes life a lot easier than trying to work from a table in the living room, which I was doing previously.

Photo courtesy of Paula Garrard

I managed to complete 3 small murals this year. I found them more of a struggle than I have in the past, due to the development of arthritis in my hips. Bending, sitting and standing are all painful after a short period of time, but I felt a huge accomplishment at managing to finish these, even if they took me a little longer than I am used to.

April 2021, Freshwater West sunset on a garage wall at Cranford Cottage, Hundleton, Pembrokeshire
June 2021, Wall outside of Caravan 1, West Angle Bay Caravan Park
September 2021, Harry’s Room, Pembroke

I also had a few commissions over the year:

I also had some time to paint some canvasses for my own personal fun! These 2 are my personal favourite pieces of 2021, firstly a tribute to John Lydon and secondly Carmargue Horses:

Anger Is An Energy
Carmargue Horses

It will be interesting to see what 2022 has in store!

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