“Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet.”  Banksy, Wall and Piece

Each mural is designed to fit the client’s individual requirements.

My trompe l’oeil murals are designed to fit within the surrounding environment, often using elements of the existing building as an illusionistic extension of the actual architecture, marrying the painted mural seamlessly in to the building, so that the viewer can not quite see where reality ends and the painted image starts.
Within the mural I will often include depictions of  local historical themes or landmarks, this imagery helps to make the trompe l’oeil illusion more plausible as existing where it is and convincing the viewer that it belongs within it’s setting.
A mural can be used to tell a story about a building or the surroundings it is based in, showing either past history or future projections. There can be many layers to a mural that the viewer will not be aware of at first sight, such as symbolism used in subtle ways or additional items inside the mural that are representative of some deeper meaning.

Daphne the Dragonharry's roomcranford cottageGriezel Cat Mural rosemoor haverfordwestVlekje Cat Mural rosemoor haverfordwestwest lodge time linewest lodge indoor play2 dogs and a catferrari-muralthe-factory-blueprintfamer-palmers-opening-buttonThe Factoryberkeley lodgedorset scrapstoresunset hole in the wall thumbnailVC Galleryshutters thumbnailwardrobe thumbnailfarmer palmer's thumbnailvalspar thumbnailchcoco thumbnailfarmer palmer's thumbnail2seaside thumbnailmoira thumbnailhall farm thumbnailskate park thumbnailupton thumbnailherston thumbnailparkstone dining room thumbnailwoodlandsavoy-iowpier head thumbnailmendieegyptian-muralhenryenid-blyton-bdquay-foyer-2006chaoscactusfake-kennelmalory-towerskingston-country-courtyardjonathan-rossquay-foyer-2005john mullinscorfe treesputlakestefanosseaview muralbasketballbig arts 2004_sylvanbig arts 2004_Lytchettmazdaknitson signageknitson bedroomsxmas 2003samuel's roomcat in the windowsteam trainknitson cowscorfe thumbnailad astra 2003porch ceiling thumbnaildodnor thumbnailicelandicoutside cupboardkiddies kornerRNLI thumbnailboiler thumbnailxmas 2002monsoon thumbnailtunnel thumbnailisleworth thumbnailschool play thumbnailsalad centre thumbnailbowling green alley thumbnailda vinci's thumbnailblue shutters thumbnailwomen's refuge thumbnaildog in the window thumbnailbrownsea island thumbnaildownstairs toilet thumbnaildining room thumbnailsomeries thumbnaillewsey thumbnailshaftesbury road thumbnailunicorn thumbnailpark town underpass thumbnailharpenden underpass thumbnailboy's bedroom thumbnaillodge-farm-thumbnailspare-wheel-thumbnail