Crow Pyrography

crow 2 pyrography

Decided I needed another crow, as the first pyrography crow was sold during Purbeck Art Weeks

I used my last piece of Hazel wood, in fact my last piece of wood completely! Must get some more! If anyone has any interesting off-cuts please let me know, they need to be reasonably pale in colour so that the burn marks show.


West Lodge Mural Phase 1

The new play area at West Lodge Farm Park is now well on it’s way!

I first got involved last year when I painted the mini mural walls for the concept model designed by Greenspan in Southampton.

West Lodge Farm Park is a family run working farm, well worth a visit, no matter what age you are, it is easy to spend an entire day there.

The new play area was designed and  inspired by the surrounding countryside and the mural will include some of the special places that you can find around the grounds.

This was how the space looked when I arrived on 3rd July.


12 days of painting so far, working alongside the carpenters, electricians and tree house builders. Here are some photos of the project as it has progressed so far:

Now I get to take a break while the construction work is completed, then I shall be going back to finish off the detail.