2019 The Year In Review

I have worked on some amazing mural projects over the past year…


Not forgetting the Puffin Project in Haverfordwest, where I painted 32 puffins on shop fronts over the space of a weekend in July!

Wales is a beautiful place and I have been lucky to have been able to work outdoors, painting some of the views….

View from St Gwynno Forest
Marloes Coastal Path
Carn Llidi Bychan
The Fall of the White Meadow
Freshwater East
Holyland Woods
Pentre Ifan
Milford Haven Refinery
St Mary’s Church Haverfordwest
Angle View

Throughout the year I picked up a few pet portraits…

Mickey and Twix
Sybil and Elspeth
Reggie and Oz
Cassie & Zayne


I still have some work on show at the VC Galleries in Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest.
I moved to Rhondda Cynon Taff in June 2019 and I am now looking for somewhere local to this area that I can show some of my work.

Here’s looking forward to 2020 and new challenges!

Shepherds Down Special School

2012-08-31 17.53.14

I am currently in the middle of a mural project at West Lodge Farm Park, commissioned by Greenspan Projects. I have worked on several projects with this company, each one has been unique, interesting and enjoyable!

When I logged into Facebook this morning I was reminded that it was 5 years ago that I completed the mural in the playground at Shepherds Down Special School, one of the first jobs that I did for Greenspan.

I worked on this mural in the summer holidays while the school was closed and some of the time I was completely on my own on the site. I always find it quite strange to be alone in a space that is usually highly populated, it almost feels like a post apocalypse world, with me being the only survivor, and what am I doing about it? Painting of course!

2012-08-24 10.01.25

I realised that I had not added this mural to my website, so there is now a new page dedicated to it, showing the space before the work started and some of the stages up to completion.

Shepherds Down Special School

West Lodge Mural Phase 1

The new play area at West Lodge Farm Park is now well on it’s way!

I first got involved last year when I painted the mini mural walls for the concept model designed by Greenspan in Southampton.


West Lodge Farm Park is a family run working farm, well worth a visit, no matter what age you are, it is easy to spend an entire day there.

The new play area was designed and  inspired by the surrounding countryside and the mural will include some of the special places that you can find around the grounds.

This was how the space looked when I arrived on 3rd July.


12 days of painting so far, working alongside the carpenters, electricians and tree house builders. Here are some photos of the project as it has progressed so far:

Now I get to take a break while the construction work is completed, then I shall be going back to finish off the detail.




Cat in the Window Repainted

Originally painted in September 2003, this mural on the rear of the cottage at 19 Gilbert Road in Swanage had been quite badly stripped of paint by the steam from the passing trains.

It almost appeared as if the walls had been sandblasted, as a lot of the paint had been worn away. I have never known this to happen to any other murals that I have painted in the past, we could only contribute it to the steam from the engines as the trains pass very close to this house so many times a day throughout the peak season and the steam is quite acidic.

cat faded 4cat faded 2

I had to hire a scaffolding tower from Sydenhams for the day, which was fun as they do not include construction or dismantling of the tower in their delivery, so I had to go beg for help from some of the railway workers.

The weather held out and I managed to get the mural repainted and scaffolding dismantled by late afternoon.

This was how it looked at the end of the day after a new coat of paint……

cat repaint 2017cat repaint_2017DSC_1108DSC_1111

Swanage Railway Mural Photos by Bryan Trent

I received an email this week from Bryan Trent, one of the workmen at Swanage Railway, saying he had some photos to show me that he had taken while I was working on the mural there. I asked him to send me copies and asked for his permission to add some of them to my website, which he kindly granted!

Thanks for the pics Bryan and for keeping me in cups of tea while I was working!

New Header Pic For Website

ninatrain cropped

I felt it was time to refresh my website home page header image.

This was taken on Sunday 27th March 2017, the day after the steam trains started running again at Swanage Railway and it was a gorgeous sunny day, so I decided it would be a good idea to get some more work done on the mural as I had been dodging rain all week.

As the weather was so nice my husband, Allan, decided to come over to Swanage with me and go take some photos while I was working. After about 4 hours wandering over the downs near Peveril Point he headed back to find me and took a few snaps of me working  from the side path before I realised he was there.

I don’t often get photos of me working and I particularly liked this one as it looked more natural and not posed, as many previous ones are.