Crochet Dress now on Etsy

lavender 7

In November 2015 my sister and I started to make new items from recycled junk. At first I worked with a load of old jumpers and cardigans, which I cut up and hand sewed into new ones.

earth colours cardigan

I then started to do a similar thing with old dresses and tshirts….

pin kroses boho dress front & back

Whilst looking online for new ideas on how to customise clothing, I came across some gorgeous dresses made from antique and vintage crochet doilies and decided to have a go myself.

I had a few doilies that my grandmother had made, I then bought more from car boot sales and charity shops, but did not have enough to make a dress, so I decided to take up crochet again and make some myself, something I had not done for many many years!

This was my first effort…..

I then hand dyed it to make the over-all colour more lavender.

This dress is now available on Etsy at Lavender crochet dress

Some of my other creations are also available

mandala cardigan

crochet tunic.jpg

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