Shepherds Down Special School

2012-08-31 17.53.14

I am currently in the middle of a mural project at West Lodge Farm Park, commissioned by Greenspan Projects. I have worked on several projects with this company, each one has been unique, interesting and enjoyable!

When I logged into Facebook this morning I was reminded that it was 5 years ago that I completed the mural in the playground at Shepherds Down Special School, one of the first jobs that I did for Greenspan.

I worked on this mural in the summer holidays while the school was closed and some of the time I was completely on my own on the site. I always find it quite strange to be alone in a space that is usually highly populated, it almost feels like a post apocalypse world, with me being the only survivor, and what am I doing about it? Painting of course!

2012-08-24 10.01.25

I realised that I had not added this mural to my website, so there is now a new page dedicated to it, showing the space before the work started and some of the stages up to completion.

Shepherds Down Special School

Dorset Arts & Crafts Association Exhibition Awards

The exhibition includes fine art, photography and crafts exhibits, workshops for children & adults and numerous crafts stalls. The exhibition attracts an extremely varied range of crafters and artists from all over Dorset, most of the work being of a very high standard in quality of workmanship and originality of design.

I entered some items into the exhibition at Purbeck School, Wareham, for the first time this year, not really expecting to win anything.

So it was a lovely surprise when I went to pick up my items today to find that every one of them had won an award!

DACA entries

My crochet dresses both got ‘Work of Special Merit’

Judge’s Comment:
‘A most creative way to use crochet doilies and mats. The colours compliment the various styles and designs. Well done – these are impressive pieces of work. I would love to talk to you about your unique creations.’

pyrography 2

Each of my pyrography pieces got ‘Highly Commended’

All these items are available on Etsy.

Crow Pyrography

crow 2 pyrography

Decided I needed another crow, as the first pyrography crow was sold during Purbeck Art Weeks

I used my last piece of Hazel wood, in fact my last piece of wood completely! Must get some more! If anyone has any interesting off-cuts please let me know, they need to be reasonably pale in colour so that the burn marks show.


West Lodge Mural Phase 1

The new play area at West Lodge Farm Park is now well on it’s way!

I first got involved last year when I painted the mini mural walls for the concept model designed by Greenspan in Southampton.

West Lodge Farm Park is a family run working farm, well worth a visit, no matter what age you are, it is easy to spend an entire day there.

The new play area was designed and  inspired by the surrounding countryside and the mural will include some of the special places that you can find around the grounds.

This was how the space looked when I arrived on 3rd July.


12 days of painting so far, working alongside the carpenters, electricians and tree house builders. Here are some photos of the project as it has progressed so far:

Now I get to take a break while the construction work is completed, then I shall be going back to finish off the detail.



Egret Collagraphs

I managed to get 7 prints off in the end from my double plated collagraph of the Egret and it’s reflection. The first 2 prints were on plain white paper, the following 5 were done on old watercolour paintings.

With thanks to Laura Evans for the use of her printing press and for having me in her venue for the past 2 weeks of Purbeck Art Weeks.

Purbeck Art Weeks_Venue 44


Laura Evans and guest artist Nina Camplin

Printmaking, paintings and contemporary lampshades

Laura Evans is a fine art print maker specializing in collagraphs and monoprints. Pulling on her background in archaeology and love of the British landscape her work is rich in colour and texture. Her printed fabrics incorporate her love of plants with contemporary design creating vibrant lamps, Laura takes commissions on lampshades and cushions. Nina Camplin wildlife paintings on recycled canvasses.


7 Sherford Close, Northmoor, Wareham, BH20 4JL


10.00am-12.00pm & 1.00pm-4.00pm


From Poole on A351 turn right onto Northmoor estate, turn left then 1st right down Sherford Drive, drive to the end


Wheelchair Access

painting collage


Purbeck Art Weeks _ one week to go

A5 poster PAW

With only a week left to prepare for Purbeck Art Weeks I imagine many local artists are frantically doing all the last minute preparations before opening their studios to the public.

Whether it is framing, mounting or trying to squeeze in some last pieces of work before the doors open, I expect everyone will be now feeling the pressure. After months of thinking ‘no need to worry, there is loads of time to do that…….’ it has suddenly come around so quickly!

Being a guest artist at Laura Evans’ venue means I am relieved of all the extra stress of having to make sure the house is clean and presentable on top of getting the work ready and I am extremely grateful to Laura for that! As I am not based in the Purbeck area, it would not have been possible for me to take part in this event if not for her kindly allowing me into her home.

Although I do not live in the Purbeck area, many of my previous mural work has been based around there, most recently being the large ‘retro’ poster mural at Swanage Railway.


It was largely due to the amount of mural work I have done in the Purbeck area that I used to be an honorary member of PAW back in the days when it first started and often took part in the Art Weeks, as well as producing the brochure, until 2010.

The work I shall be showing for PAW this year will be mostly my wildlife paintings produced on recycled canvasses, which have been picked up from car boot sales or scavenged from other people’s junk.

My interest in wildlife painting started when my husband took up photography and we began to spend a lot of time in local nature reserves while he practised capturing birds in flight.

I have several reasons for using recycled canvasses, the main one being that I hate to start work on a brand new blank canvas, I find it a bit intimidating and worry about making a wrong mark or spoiling the surface. Whereas the used canvas is already marked and often has a unique surface texture, which I love! I like to allow parts of the original image to show through within the finished piece, giving the work a character it would not have if it been done on a new canvas. We live in a ‘throw away’ society and I just hate to see waste. I have lots of old work that I would never show again as it is not relevant to where I am now as an artist, so I often paint over my old paintings too.

I am looking forward to taking part in PAW again after so many years break and hope to see you when you come to visit Laura and myself at Venue 44.

For more information about this event please visit the PAW website at

I shall give a list of dates that I will be at the venue closer to the time, I shall try to be there as much as possible, but I know that I will not be there on Saturdays due to my commitment of Life Drawing with the hen parties taking place every weekend.